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Patient Testimonials

Discover what our patients have to say regarding their office visit, surgical experience or recovery process. We also encourage our existing patients to share their own experience! Our patient testimonials are captured by a third party verification process provided by CheckMD.

Dorothy N

  • Knee Replacement
Dorothy N's photo

“Thanks to Dr. Sultan I am doing very well. (1 year after knee replacement)”

Mryna H.

  • Hip replacement
Mryna H.'s photo

“This was my first experience with joint replacement. I was treated with care and dignity in recovery -- they made every effort to keep my pain at a minimum. Dr. Sultan did an excellent job and the physical therapy department had me up and walking in no time.

- 2 weeks after hip replacement”

Patricia C.

  • Knee Replacement
Patricia C.'s photo

“Excellent experience! Uneventful recovery; I was walking without a cane at 3 weeks after surgery.

- 5 weeks after knee replacement”

Ken M.

  • Hip Replacement
Ken M.'s photo

“My hip replacement in November 2010 was an enormous success and I attribute it to the skilled work of Dr. Sultan and his prescriptions for rehabilitation and physical therapy as well as his follow-up care. I am invigorated by being able to walk unassisted, working and driving.

-4 months after hip replacement surgery”

Julieann Stanton

  • Knee Surgery

“I crushed my knee in September of 2011. I met Dr. Sultan in the Emergency room at Peconic Bay Medical Center and his bedside manner was wonderful! He operated on my knee and had to put a plate and screws in my knee to keep it together and even though I am still going through therapy, if it wasn't for Dr. Sultan, I wouldn't be able to move my knee and go outside. I am looking forward to walking again and I want to thank him from the bottom of my heart. Also, to top it off, he normally doesn't take my insurance but accepted it anyway which tells me he is a doctor who cares and is not in practice just for money! May God be with you Dr. Sultan!”

Rudolph M

  • Knee Replacement
Rudolph M's photo

“We were recommended to Dr. Sultan by the therapists at Maximum Performance and this certainly has proven to be the best experience. Dr. Sultan is a very professional person, he is knowledgable and caring plus his manner of perfection is very gratifying. Thank you Dr. Sultan for a job well done. I can now enjoy every day life again. Dr. Sultan, you are a credit to your profession.”

Connie M.

  • Knee Replacement
Connie M.'s photo

“I am very happy with the way my operation turned out, especially my scar which you can barely see.”

Connie M.

  • Knee Repalcement
Connie M.'s photo

“Here is a picture of my scar from my knee replacement. I have never seen a scar as nice as the one Dr. Sultan did for my. It has almost disappeared at one month after surgery.”

Patricia G.

  • Hip Replacement
Patricia G.'s photo

“It's been a year since I had a hip replacement and I too can say, "Why did I wait so long" It's been years since I could dance with my husband, and we danced the night away last week at my niece's wedding. Don't wait like I did! Dr. Sultan gave my quality of life back! Thank you!”

Mary M.

  • Knee Replacement
Mary M.'s photo

“My picture riding this horse in May of 2012 would not be possible without Dr. Peter Sultan's help! He replaced my knee in January 2012 and 4 months later, I can walk, ride a horse, and do many things I was unable to do for 5 years before. Thank you Dr. Sultan. You are truly the best!”

Melba C.

  • 2 Knee Replacements
Melba C.'s photo

“My name is Melba and I am 92 years old. At age 89, Dr. Sultan replaced one of my knees due to severe arthritis. I did very well with my new knee and just before my 92nd birthday, I asked Dr. Sultan to replace my other painful, arthritic knee. I am 6 weeks after surgery and I am doing fantastic. I do everything I want to do and I feel great. Thanks Dr. Sultan!”

Melba C.

  • Bilateral Knee Replacement

“I had both knees done and I am now able to be very active. I am almost 92 years old and I feel great!”

Diane D.

  • Knee replacement
Diane D.'s photo

“I was terrified to get a knee replacement. 10 years ago, doctors said I needed it. I thought I was too young and was scared. Finally last January 2013 I had it done. It was not as bad as I though or as other people had told me. There is pain - I'm not going to lie but it's not that bad. 3 and 1/2 weeks of therapy and my scar faded. My knee is perfect - no pain at all and I feel great!”

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