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Patient Testimonials

Discover what our patients have to say regarding their office visit, surgical experience or recovery process. We also encourage our existing patients to share their own experience! Our patient testimonials are captured by a third party verification process provided by CheckMD.

Kurtus A.

  • Knee Replacement
Kurtus A.'s photo

“The first thing that impressed me about Dr. Sultan was that I came to him for knee replacement surgery and he suggested we treat my knee without surgery first. Using the treatment recommended by Dr. Sultan, I was able to put off surgery for 3 years. When my condition finally warranted it, Dr. Sultan performed my total knee replacement surgery. His skill at his craft, attention to the smallest detail, and the staff at Peconic Bay Medical Center have given me a second chance at enjoying life with the promise of walking pain free.”

Bonnie R.

  • Knee Replacement
Bonnie R.'s photo

“I prepared myself as well as I could for full knee replacement. What I was not fully prepared for was the degree of skill, caring, and warmth which I received at Peconic Bay Medical Center. I have been home now since November 6th. The surgery, by the amazing Dr. Sultan, took place on October 21st. From that moment on I was in the hands of what I consider the finest medical team possible. Each person responsible for any part of my care was totally aware of and concerned with my needs. I noticed my improvement daily and was congratulated and applauded for every effort on my part. If my thank you seems over the top, it's not. All of you are the top!”

Hannah L

  • Hip Fracture Surgery
Hannah L's photo

“Dr. Sultan and the staff at Peconic Bay Medical Center did a fantastic job operating on my mother for a broken hip. Six weeks post surgery she is walking again and mom is 104 years old!”

Judy C

  • Knee Replacement
Judy C's photo

“I was injured at work and required a total knee replacement. Dr. Sultan fought for me to get this and the procedure was excellent! I'm a nurse and can attest to the truly excellent quality of care and treatment through Dr. Sultan. My surgery was 2 weeks ago and I've been walking with only a cane for more than a week. Bravo Dr. Sultan !!!”

Amy A.

  • Bilateral Hip Replacements
Amy A.'s photo

“I had been living with hip pain that was so severe that walking was unbearable. By the time Dr. Sultan saw me, it was apparent that both hips needed total hip replacement. In October 2013, he replaced my left hip and five months later, my right hip was replaced. Due to the expert skill and care of Dr. Sultan and his staff, today I'm able to walk without pain for the first time in four years. I can play and run with my grandchildren, I can swim and take long walks with my husband and I even danced this weekend at my niece's wedding. The quality of my life has improved so much, I can't thank Dr. Sultan enough. His exceptional ability and skill made this possible. I will always be grateful.”

Jacques L.

  • Bilateral knee replacements
Jacques L.'s photo

“My name is Jacques LeBlanc and I am 62 years old. After suffering for years with knee pain, Dr. Sultan treated and eventually replaced both of my knees, my left knee in 2012 and my right knee in 2014. Although knee replacement is a difficult surgery, I felt relieved that my health was in the hands of an outstanding surgeon. Before each of my surgeries, I had trouble walking to my mailbox to get the mail. Vacations were spent looking for the next bench to sit on. Now, only three months after my second knee surgery, I look forward to playing golf again and I have even hit a few balls on the tennis court!

Dr. Sultan is a positive, compassionate and outstanding surgeon who puts the needs and comfort of his patients as his top priority. His office staff is second to none and the nurses and support staff in the Joint Replacement Unit at Peconic Bay Medical Center are the best I have seen. If you are looking for a surgeon to have a knee replacement, I highly recommend Dr. Sultan.”

Richard S.

  • Knee Replacement
Richard S.'s photo

“My name is Richard Saladon, and although I will not turn 60 until August of 2011, I was suffering from lack of cartilage in both of my knees. I started to experience pain when walking approximately 5 years ago. I had always been acive and walking was one of my favorite activities. This was no longer possible since the knee pain made walking so difficult. When my wife and I met Dr. Sultan for a consultation, we were both confident that he was the surgeon we trusted to operate on me. Since that first consultation, I have had both knees replaced. My right knee was replaced in April of 2009, and the left knee in January of 2011. I am now finishing up physical therapy, and am doing great. Having the surgeries has given me my mobility back. I can walk without pain. Dr. Sultan and his staff were incredible. From his office staff to his surgical team, I always felt I was a valued patient. I would recommend Dr. Sultan to anyone considering knee replacement. If I had a third knee, I would go to him. Thanks for everything, Rick Saladon.”

Ruby E and Audrey S

  • Knee Replacement
Ruby E and Audrey S's photo

“After 5 years, Ruby and I chose Dr. Sultan to do our knees. It was the best thing we ever did. We met at pre-operative class and have become fast friends. We tell everyone who talks about knees that we should never have waited so long. Pain free and happy with Dr. Sultan.”

Ileana Popeanos

  • Hip Fracture Care
Ileana Popeanos's photo

“My name is Ileana Popeanos and I'm 67 years old. 8 months ago, I injured my right hip badly. Dr. Peter Sultan treated my emergency with an amazing surgery. I'm still amazed that I have only 3 small scars. My recovery was much faster than average time. 3 months after surgery, Dr. Sultan gave me the "green light" to go back to my TAI-CHI classes which I really enjoy very much. I fully recovered 6 months after surgery. All of this would not be possible without Dr. Sultan's professional dedication, exceptional skills and his magic touch as a real human being and a doctor. Thank you very much Dr. Peter Sultan. Sincerely Ileana”

Helen B.

  • Knee Replacement
Helen B.'s photo

“My hospital experience at Peconic Bay was great! The rehab people are friendly, helpful, and encouraging. I am very pleased with my new knee thanks to Dr. Sultan.

- 6 weeks after knee replacement”

Mary P.

  • Knee Replacement
Mary P.'s photo

“"After suffering from significant knee pain for many years, I underwent a total knee replacement. My entire experience pre and post surgery was only positive. Dr. Sultan's care, encouragement and consideration for me was wonderful. I highly recommend him and I have two friends who he also successfully treated with knee replacement."

- 1 year after knee replacement”

Hans K.

  • Hip Replacement
Hans K.'s photo

“"I am doing very well two years after my hip replacement. I walk all I want and have no pain."

- 2 years after hip replacement”

Bill C.

  • Knee Replacement
Bill C.'s photo

“"I had 2 knee replacements with excellent results. Dr. Sultan is not only a great surgeon but a fine crafstman!"”

Arthur B.

  • Knee Replacement
Arthur B.'s photo

“"Fantastic result on my new knee! Thank you Dr. Sultan!"”

Timothy B.

  • Knee Replacement
Timothy B.'s photo

“"I am very pleased with the results of my left knee replacement. Dr. Sultan and his staff explained everything to be expected. My rehab has been nothing short of miraculous."

- 6 weeks after knee replacement”

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